Finance and loans

Finance and loans


Agence NEWTON works in close collaboration with Spectrum Mortgages and Spectrum IFA Group


Spectrum Mortgages



Their mission is to help our clients to obtain a mortgage in France as quickly and as simply as possible. Therefore, they have gathered together useful information which hopefully will answer most, if not all, of your questions.

Once they have discussed your future project and current financial situation, they will able to discuss solutions. It is important you give them all the necessary information

There is no point in them showing you a variety of products and rates French banks offer if they do not match your project and situation, hence they need to understand your needs before making any proposals.



Spectrum IFA 


In today’s world of finance one thing is clear, we all have to pay attention to and take great care of our own finances. Spectrum advisers are here to help you, our clients, with the many complex financial and tax issues you are confronted with: retirement and pension planning including QROPS, Life Assurance, efficient investing (using Insurance wrappers), succession and inheritance tax planning and many more. As for most expatriates, these planning issues may exist in more than one country, and we believe working with experienced, qualified, cross border advisers who are themselves expatriates, and therefore facing similar challenges, is really important.